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April 5, 2021ยทMiami

Have you decided to invest in Miami real estate? Have you ever thought about Star Island? This artificial island is full of villas, each more luxurious than the other, and celebrities have been living there for several decades now.

The iKeys House, specialized in luxury real estate, looks back at the singular history of Star Island and its attractiveness for real estate investment.


  1. The history of Star Island
  2. How to get to Star Island?
  3. How to invest in Star Island ?

The history of Star Island

Created in 1922 by the Army Corps of Engineers, Star Island is an artificial island, located in the south of Miami in Biscayne Bay. It is an island with limited capacity, as it does not exceed 0.35 km 2 and less than 100 inhabitants.

The setting is extremely pleasant since it allows the inhabitants to enjoy paradisiacal landscapes and especially the turquoise waters that border the island, while keeping a very comfortable promiscuity with Miami and the inevitable associated activities.

Very quickly, Star Island became known by the personalities who began to invest in real estate on the island, to become today a proven place of luxury and celebrity.

How to get to Star Islands?

The island has a very high level of protection and is guarded 24/7. Access is only possible through a guard house in charge of screening visitors.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the island remains accessible to the public, and that it is not uncommon to see curious people visiting the island to discover the villas, or even in the hope of crossing paths with certain celebrities.

To access it by land, there is only one option, to take Bridge Road, connected to the MacArthur Causeway to quickly return to the center of Miami Beach. It is this proximity to the center of Miami Beach that contributes to the appeal of the island.

Investing in Star Island

If you want to invest in Star Island, you should know that there are often few offers for a demand that remains - over the years - relatively constant. The iKeys House, specialized in luxury real estate investment, continually updates its offers of villas in Miami Beach, and particularly on Star Island.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your real estate investment project, we would be delighted to put our expertise at your service to help you find the villa that perfectly meets your expectations.

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